Calf Club

To all Parents/ Caregivers

Due to the current situation in New Zealand regarding Mycoplasma  Bovis and following Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) recommendations, the calf club committee has made the difficult decision not to have calves at this year’s calf club. The Calf Club Committee made this decision at its meeting on June 12.

MPI has made a recommendation that schools do not have calves at their calf club – in an effort to eradicate Mycoplasma Bovis. While there are no farms in the district that are currently infected, it was decided for a number of reasons to follow MPI’s recommendation.

Those children who rear a calf at home can earn their certificate or rosette (for 5-9 years of calf club), by completing a project and presenting it on calf club day (24 October).

It is hoped that the disease is either eradicated/contained or MPI decide to put a management plan in place, so that calves can come to school calf club day in 2019, which will be the 70thyear of calf club at Ngatea School.

Many goat and sheep farmers have stepped up farm biosecurity as well. It is likely that if you get a kid from a goat farm you will not be able to take it back. This means you have an obligation to make sure that the animal that is taken to calf club has a definite forever home to go to, or other arrangements are made.

More information on the project for calves will be provided at a later date, and also options for finding a lamb or kid. An information day will be held shortly– look out for the date in the newsletter.

If you require further information, please feel free to call a member of the committee.

Anna Dodunski  027 466 4126

Shelley Strawbridge  027 448 6030

Rachel Aitchison 021 1319987

Julie Pirie   027 608 2171


Ngatea Primary School Calf Club Committee


It is time for children to get their pets for Calf Club.  Just a reminder that animals need to be born between the 1st July and 31st August. Competitors who need an animal can contact Anna Dodunski Ph: 078673008 or Mobile 0274 664 126.  She will either source an animal for you or put you in contact with someone who can help.

Please take the time to read this handbook for information on having a calf club animal

Having an Animal

Just a reminder that it is important to vaccinate your animal.

Hauraki Vets

Are offering vaccinations and docking of lambs and kids and vaccinations of calves free of charge for calf club animals. We will debud calves and kids for $10 an animal.

Franklin Vets Kopu 

would like to offer our services and product free of charge for all children entering calves, lambs and goats for Calf Club Day this year.


We will dock and vaccinate with Ultravac 5 in 1


We will worm-drench with Dectomax and vaccinate with Ultravac 6 in 1.

We also provide discounted debudding for calves and kid goats ($10 per animal) –parents will need to organise by contacting the clinic

For bookings/information contact the Kopu Clinic 07 8685007

Anexa FVC

Prides itself on supporting our rural schools and communities. We have a fantastic package to offer your students:

·      Calf and Lamb rearing guide for children

·      $15 kid disbudding

·      Free vaccinations for calf club lambs, calves and kids.