Ngatea Primary School is delighted to announce the offering of the IT services to the greater Plains community. The services would be provided under the banner of NPS ICT Services which are accessible to the whole Plains region. The initiative is taken under so that people of the region don't have to spend too much by outsourcing these services from far away. 

Services provided through this initiative are for house residents, businesses, farms , milk-sheds and others who are willing to take the advantage. To avail these services you can fill in the form that is present at the end of this page or you can contact directly to the IT technician ( for further information and service charges.. 

Services offered are as follows:

Set up:

  • Set up of normal devices such as desktop computers, office computers, laptops, Macbooks, iPads, tablets, smart TVs.
  • Initial setup of printers, scanners, connecting to internet, basic security.


  • Troubleshooting basic to advanced problems such as internet connection, virus removal, data backup and recovery, printer problems, etc.


  • Normal repairs for computers, laptops such as screen replacements, RAM update.
  • Repairs based on the extend of damage.


  • Initial network setup e.g. connecting office computers for file sharing, syncing office computers to home computers, milkshed software to home computers or mobiles.
  • Troubleshooting of network problems e.g. devices not connecting to each other, not connecting to internet, not able to share data or files.
  • Server setup for email services and file sharing services.
    Configuring switches and routers for network segmentation. (scaling of network depending on no. of devices used and departments)
  • Overall network administration for keeping the workflow as smooth as possible.
  • Monthly Network maintanence.


  • Setting up security at home, business, farm or shed. E.g configuring security cameras for home viewing or mobile viewing.
  • Network security: maintaining security for devices used at home or business e.g keeping your device virus or malware free, if affected securing your data through backup and re-setting your device.

Social Media:

  • Making your business socially active by using facebook, twitter or instagram.
  • Maintaining the website and upgrading it whenever required.


  • All types of consultation provided for each and every aspect of ICT used at your home or business, farm or milk-shed.