2018 Visits from other education centres

At Ngatea Primary School we challenge and redefine how we facilitate learning, and how our students become leaders of their own learning in a collaborative, open learning environment.

Thank you for your interest in visiting us, and we welcome any educators who wish to pay us a visit.  This year we offer schools or organisations 3 types of visits to our school:

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Please click on the following links for more about #imagineNPS

Please contact Neil Fraser at 07 8677305 or e-mail principal@ngatea.school.nz for more information, or to book possible visits.

We look forward to hosting you and sharing our thinking behind our Vision, Strategic Plan and learning programmes. 

09:00 a.m.Arrival, tea/coffee
09:15 a.m.Presentation by staff and students where we share the thinking behind the development of our school vision, the steps we took to get there and then what the learning looks like at Ngatea Primary School. Questions & Answers
10:30 a.m.Morning tea break
11: a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Walkthrough the classrooms. Students sharing their learning. Questions and answers.
12:00 - 12:40 p.m. (Lunch break) Optional - visiting schools can catch up with teachers to discuss anything specifically to what has been seen during the day - or any other queries. Ngatea township also has several options for visitors to enjoy a lunch.