Our School Mural Represents...

  1. The district’s and Ngatea Primary School’s history, the present and the future.
  2. Progression of living
  3. Continuity of life (which is represented by moving from one stage to the next)
  • Koru patterns symbolize sea & river, which represent water, which represents life
  • The arrow head points to the past
  • The tall ship represents the arrival of European ancestors
  • The large koru patterns represent the long journeys across big seas, and big challenges in life
  • The waka  represents the arrival of Maori ancestors
  • The smaller koru patterns represent more localised journeys from islands and small challenges in life
  • The mural moves from the sea to rivers that branch, which represent different choices one faces in life.
  • The heron represents peace and has strong ties with water, same as us (people)
  • The wings represent shelter & freedom
  • The heron is in flight…from the seas to the mountains to the rivers to the Hauraki Plains
  • The bridge represents the joining the past to the present and to the Plains. It also represents connections with other people, nature, oneself, to make a way, accessibility and progress/development made by man (technological advancements)
  • The church was the focus of early settlements. The church represent unity, coming together of the larger family and community. The scene represents the Plains (Cabbage Tree & Pukeko), man & beast working the land.
  • The man under sun represents man earned the traits of the sun (all leading to growth): Harshness, Strength, Reliability, Consistency, Endurance and Perseverance.
  • The heron is in flight…from the seas to the mountains to the rivers to the Hauraki Plains
  • The (3-storeyed) building represents growth of the community and the development of mankind.
  • The flag  represents accomplishment
  • The grandstand represents a flourishing community, unity/togetherness (spectators supporting one team), encouragement  (all cheering their team on), support for each other, the community
  • Rugby represent the “father” of all sports in New Zealand
  • Sport represents unity, camaraderie & socializing, physical well-being and active body, active mind
  • The book represents education, wisdom & knowledge, history and wealth of knowledge of the ages
  • The 2 athletes represent children running with knowledge & skills/competencies they’ve gained, emerging from knowledge (book) and heritage (past) running towards a goal (in life) and healthy competition.
  • The 2 figures represent genders (boy/girl).
  • The moving from one figure to another (“fusion of athletes) represents excelling yourself (setting yourself a challenge), self improvement (achieving the goals you set yourself in life) and competition
  • The wing  represents power (strength), freedom and power of wisdom & knowledge
  • The 5 Feathers represent Key Competencies:
  1. Managing self
  2. Relating to others
  3. Language, symbols & text
  4. Thinking
  5. Participating & contributing
  • Boy & Girl represent the genders co-operating (teamwork) and helping each other to succeed
  • The “High 5” is acknowledgment of success, "I CARE” and “I can do” attitude
  • Holding the Universe:
  1. Together anything is possible
  2. To dream…There is no end point to the universe
  3. Globalisation – NZ can’t operate in isolation to rest of the world
  4. Being connected to the universe (Our world is not functioning on its own)
  5. Technology required to communicate & interact the rest of the world and to explore universe
  6. The future of the earth/universe is in their hands