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Enrolling Your Child

On or around your child's 4th birthday, it is important to make a appointment with the principal to pre-enrol your child and have a look around our school.  Prior to your child's 5th birthday you will receive a notice stating which days your child's pre-visits will occur.

Pre-school visits - four consecutive visits on Friday mornings.

The purpose of pre-school visits are:

  • To meet fellow pupils and prospective friends, to develop confidence in the class, and affinity and identity with the school.
  • To introduce children and their parents or caregivers to their teacher and syndicate leader.
  • To become familiar with the layout and facilities at school.
  • To experience some school activities, and to become familiar with class and school routines.
  • To provide information needed to settle into school life quickly and smoothly.
  • As we generally retain a normal programme for the students it is requested that you do not bring other pre-schoolers on these visits.

Other information

  • Child will commence school the first Monday after their Birthday.
  • A school day begins at 9.00am and finishes at 3.00pm.
  • Sunhat's are compulsory in the first and fourth terms.
  • Uniforms and stationery required can be purchased at the school.
  • Your child's book bag should be checked each night for any information.
  • Reader's will be sent home immediately and should be returned each day.
  • Library books are to be kept in book bag so they are available for exchange.
  • Subway lunch orders are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Order forms are to be completed at the office.


Children enrolled at school when 5 years old are classified as New Entrants and will classified as below:

  • Year 1: If a 5year old New Entrant begins school prior to 30 April they are regarded as Year 1 from the outset and move to Year 2 classification after the completion of their first year at school.
  • Year 0: If a 5 year old New Entrant begins school on/after 1 May these children are regarded a Year 0 from the outset and move to Year 2 classification after the completion of their 2nd year at school.